Friday, March 16, 2012

you just can't fool with mother nature.

This was a piece of 8/4 curly maple that lived up to its name. It was on the bottom side of as pile. Literally tons of weight of wood and concrete and it still twisted. You just can't prevent what nature will do if it wants to. I hope to cut this for leg stock. Its about all it is good for. Nice 10 foot long piece, looks like spaghetti Maybe it should go for a pine wood derby track.....

Unloading Day and finding hidden gems

Got the dry kiln unloaded yesterday. It was an all day job for myself. 6 trips back and forth. Found hiding places for everything, so that is good. This load was 99.9% hard and soft tiger maple. A little 8/4 birdseye is mixed in.

One of the things I always am on the search for is 8/4 and thicker stock in tiger maple or any figured wood. This load has that and more. Nice slabs of 8/4 and 12/4 tiger maple. Lots of natural edges. They will make some excellent slab top tables. I also have a lot of 4/4 hard curly maple in this load. The figure is incredible. Not a lot of wide stock, but just super tight curlt and nice white color. I need to find some guitar makers. This will make some wonderful stuff. I plan on sending out a newsletter this coming week. I will have some cool stuff for sale. If I don't have you on my email list and you want on, go to my web site, and click on the email link. I will be happy to add you on the list.

Tomorrow comes the new load from the mill. The weather has been very unusual here. 60's and 70's all week. This stuff needs to get on stickers and get air drying. I would hate to lose it to sticker stain. I guess there will be some super nice stuff coming .Flame birch, hard tiger maple and birdseye. Should make for a long day stacking and stickering. I will get some pictures and do another blog about that. Hope you all are enjoying the weather.