Monday, February 4, 2013

Winter and wood

Thought it best to get a new post up and maybe some pictures. Its early February, the super bowl is done. Got a load out of the kiln last month and have another cooking as I write this.

Furniture sales have picked up and so have inquiries about new work. That is always a good thing. Its been a number of tough years and I enjoy having a backlog again. I applied to a number of fine art shows. Now comes the waiting to see if I am good enough to get in. The art show business is interesting to say the least. I was not juried into one show so far. I looked at who was in it last year and I thought I brought something completely different to the table for this show. But it wasn't meant to be I guess. Lots more to pick from.

I have gotten some great figured maple in the last few loads along with some great flame birch. Some nice log sets and just nice stock.I still laugh when I open the kiln and see twisted curled boards in the stacks. The dry kiln owner is so upset when something like that happens. I always tell him, its not his fault. Had one in the last load that was one of the worst I have ever seen. Cut it into small pieces and gopt enough out of it for some drawers. I try and waste nothing.

I am working on 2 sugar chests/ wine storage cases. I will post some pictures when they are done.

Cold snowy weather this winter. Had rain , thunderstorms and snow and below zero temps all within 3 days last week. Hope that doesn't continue.
Guess I have talked enough for now. I will leave a few pictures. Hope you enjoy. bob