Saturday, August 25, 2012

New Hamilton Gauges

Just got the" beep beep "from the mail lady. Low and behold, she had the package I was waiting for. For a few months , Jeff Hamilton had been working on a matched set of marking gauges, panel gauge and his new type of marking gauge, all made from birdseye maple.

I sell Jeff the tiger maple that he uses on his gauges. We had talked over time about some of the lumber I have. I get some real different stuff in odd sizes once in a while. I had some ok birdseye in 5/4 that I sent along with his last wood order. He said he would make me a set when he had time. Now, if you know of his gauges and how nice they are, he does not have a lot of "extra " time. He is one busy guy with the gauge business and his other work. We have talked on and off over the months and we talked about dying wood and finishing. I asked him to dye these. I like color in my wood and white birdseye is not too appealing to me. Plus this birdseye was not all white to begin with. Below are a few shots. Sorry they are not the best, but I did find a great photographer to take shots of my furniture. But that is a story for another blog.

You can find Jeff's gauges here

Tell Jeff I sent you. He makes great tools and he is a really nice, honest guy. Can't ask for more. bob