Tuesday, June 6, 2017

June lumber news.

Well, its June and I am close to being done with stacking and stickering wood. I do believe I have one more big load of birdseye maple coming.

It has been a fun spring. Lots and lots of beautiful wood has come from the mills. Spalted maple in 8/4, birdseye maple in 4/45, 5/4 and 8/4. Flame birch in 6/4 with live edges. The spalted woods I have gotten in should be heading to the kiln soon. It will be kiln dried and heat treated to make sure no bugs are left alive. This all came from standing dead trees. Some is more colorful then others. There are some odds things in with this batch. Spalted large beech planks. They are massive. 12 feet long and 27" wide. A perfect book matched pair. Beautiful live edges.

If you look at my facebook page,
There are lots and lots of pictures from when we stacked all this wood. I am still waiting on the old growth lumber to be kiln dried as well.

I get some odd figured stuff and it usually sells before it even dries. The very last load I got last week had 2 boards of 8/4 maple that had blister or burl figure on them. I took a picture and posted it on face book and they were gone. Never even asked a price. If you are wanting something like these, its always good to let me know. Same with burls. I have 2 huge hard maple ones up north waiting to get picked up. They are a couple hundred pounds each.  I am hoping to get more of those as time goes on. They seem to be in demand.

Lumber prices as a whole are down. The mills are not making much money. I always pay a certain price and will not drop it. I feel its only fair to stay up and make it so they work with me. Its the right thing to do. I have been blessed to work with a few great family run mills and it really pays off.

 I did start getting curly cherry and hope to get curly walnut from Pennsylvania later this year. The first load of 8/4 curly cherry is spectacular. Planks up to 20" wide and 12 feet long with little or no sap. Clear and red as can be. Its on sticks air drying right now. I hope to have it done by early fall. A couple log sets in it and many book matched pieces as well. Quarter sawn curly cherry too. Again, lots of photos on facebook. I will have access to large logs of these woods and can supply big log sets. The mill owner has logs that will yield 500 board feet. Those are huge logs.

The reason I post pictures on my facebook page is because it goes quick. I even started doing some short videos. They are not real good. I do those on instagram. I post a couple on facebook. I am not real handy with a cell phone.

I look forward to your continued business. I try and always be honest and upfront with my wood. The one thing that really sets me apart is I can help you with finishing and building with these figured woods. I don't know of another wood sales place that can say that. Please let me know if you are looking for a big log set or 20 board feet. I can help with most any amount. I ship several different ways and try to find the most economical way I can. Pallets are still the least expensive way. Talk to your woodworking friends and see if you can get an order together.
 end of one of the old growth logs from the river. You can still see a log mark as well.
 Another log from the river, worn smooth from laying down there 150 years or more.
Some of the wood from last week. Flame birch and 1 lonely piece of bark pocket hard maple.