Friday, April 4, 2014

New April wood list

 Birdseye maple logs sets

 Some over 12' long

Flame birch log sets, Nice even color and figure and wide...

Spalted flame birch log set.  5 or 6 pieces. Really nice unusual stuff. Great color. 90$ for 20 ft. If you want the whole log set, contact me. It is something I have only seen this one time.

 Book matched set of 15" wide birdseye maple 1" thick boards. Great figure, lots of heartwood , some cracks at the ends, but stunning. 20 bd ft between the pair. 150$ plus shipping

 Plain spalted hard maple. I have a pile of a few hundred feet. All 4/4[ 1"] Runs 6" wide or so. Nice small box material. 4$ bd ft.  or 75$ for 20 bd ft. Lots of color and bug holes. Nice solid material.

 Bird peck, bark pocket hard maple. Has some curl and some have birdseye in it. Nice material. 75$ for 20 bd ft. Makes great box material

 12/4 birdseye. [3" thick] Great figure and have stock up to 12 or 13" wide. Turning or bed posts, your choice. Starts at 15$ board foot for narrow stock. 22$ bd ft for the wide stock. Never have seen this anyplace before. I have been air drying and kiln drying this for 18 months. All 8' long.

 16/4 [4"+] thick butternut. 8' long and widths over 12+". Some very nice material. Some pieces are all clear, a few have a couple of small knots and checks. I will deduct for any defects.  Narrow stock starts at 6$ board foot. Wider will be 8$ board foot. This is becoming very hard to find with many defects. The blight is killing it all. Would make a beautiful bed or mantle or table. I have always loved butternut. Very soft and often called white walnut due to the grain being a dead ringer for walnut. I have about 400 bd ft and once this is gone, I may never  get any more this thickness or size. I am hoping to get some 4/4 or 5/4 wide stock  sometime this spring. But that would not be dry until later in fall. Turns and carves very well.

 Some more shots of the 12/4 birdseye. They look weather beaten and dark, but that all gets planed off. Plus they are all cut heavy. Usually a 1/4" or more over thickness.

 8/4 birdseye and curly.  Great for legs or turnings. Usually has very good to heavy eye.  8/4 birdseye is 9$ bd ft this month only. All maple is going up fast
 16/4 butternut after planing.

 with a little water on it, hardly shows much difference.

 All sorts of weird figure hard maple. Great for small boxes. Bark pocket, bird peck ,burl figure, some I have no idea what to call it. If you want to make some nice boxes , this is some great stuff. Its all rough in the pictures, but you can see the figure in them.

 More pictures of the spalted flame birch

 Spalted birdseye. I only have a piece or two left. Really unique. 5$ bd ft.

Log sets of flame birch. Contact me for pricing. Most of the sets contain anywhere from 50 to 100 bd ft.  Boards run 4' to 15" wide. If you want a really nice piece, use a log set.  I also have these in birdseye maple as well.

 Always glad to help answer any questions you have on wood you buy from me. Finishing, building, whatever you have for questions, I am here to help. Its what sets me apart from buying from other places. I use this stuff every day and can help with the issues that it has. Figured wood is funny stuff. Not something from the big box place that you can finish any old way. Feel free to look at my web site,
My email and phone number are there.