Monday, February 3, 2014

Lumber list for Febuary.

The first thing I want to show is what I mean when I talk about natural color. 
 natural color
 all white
Close up of natural color.

These are some pictures of some flame birch.Yellow birch is sorted by color. All white means it is all light colored. Red birch means it is all red or mostly red. Natural color means it has both red and white in it. With maples, like birdseye, you get heartwood , mineral streak, fleck, worm track and probably some other things. You can have it sorted to get all white with no defect. That gets very expensive. I sell most of my material as natural color. I don't have an issue with using stuff like this. Dyes can hide a lot. Or 1 side can be white. I am finding more and more folks like natural color in pieces with a clear finish. Hope that helps answer some questions. Now on to the wood.

First up is a piece of 6/4 birdseye. It is 7" to 10" wide on the narrow side and 10" to 12" wide on the back. It has 2 natural edges. It is 1 and 3/8" thick.

This is the front and back and sides. Its nice and white both sides .
Cost is 95$. It would make a nice hall table or sofa table  top. Great edges. I don't find much 6/4.

Next up is a bookmatched pair of flame birch.

I skim planed these to just over an inch thick. They are both 8' long and one is 11" wide and one is 11.75" wide. Beautiful figure and color. You can see the red heart in some of it.
Price is 97$ plus shipping.

Next up is a 2 piece book match of soft curly maple. These have a big heartwood color in them, but the figure is wonderful. They are 11" and 13" wide and 8' long.

Again these are skip planed. Nice wide curl that runs all accross the board. The heart is a light brownish color. 80$ plus shipping for the pair.

Last up is a piece of birdseye. 1" thick, just under 8' long. 1 natural edge. The best part of the board would yield a piece 12" wide and about 5' long. The bottom part of the board is ugly. The best part would make a great sofa or hall table.

Its all white on the best side. I took enough pictures to show all the defects. It is a beauty. 90$ plus shipping.

I will send out the newsletter and refer back to this blog. If you would like to be on the list, email me,
I will have some other things listed in the letter. Hope you are having a good time in the shop.