Sunday, April 22, 2012

Spalted maple and some other goodies.

Got a new load of wood from the kiln today. I also had these boards heat treated. I don't think I want to build with wood that has a live fungus or bugs in it. So I have them cook these at 145 degrees for 48 hours to kill anything in them. This was some really nice spalted hard maple I got from a friend. Years ago we  sheeted his shop with this stuff. I t about cried. He kept saying it didn't make him sad. He had some left over and I finally talked him into selling it. It is 12 feet long and 4 to 7" wide. Nice clean stock.

I have been very busy in the shop. Did a small dining room table, some benches, a vanity in black ash and some smaller pieces. It has been a good week. Got some wood to ship out this coming week.Have to get some desks made and some more benches. I want to get one of the nice tiger maple slabs in and plane to get some pictures for a guy who wants a mantle. Got some wonderful nice slabs here, along with a bunch of new 8/4 stock. Had my buddy turn some legs in flame birch and birdseye. They came out wonderful. Email me if you are looking for leg stock or some great stock for small boxes.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

A couple of new pieces

This is a mobile bar done in quarter sawn curly cherry for the case and curly cherry for the top . It turned out very nice. Everyone that saw it loved it as did the most important, the client. It was based on a picture they sent and was sized for their needs. It rolls on 4 industrial casters. The hinges are stainless steel. They did want handles put on the 2 doors but after seeing it without them, they liked it better. The scalloped curly cherry in the doors was made with a custom knife set on the molder. It is not a light piece at all. Weighs well over 200#. Its new home is on the east coast.

A new cradle for our new grandson. Just got this sprayed last night. I used a water base finish. Turned out well. My daughter and her husband will be getting this next Saturday. It was based off a 17th century american cradle I found online. My daughter didn't want a hood, so I changed up the headboard end. Pretty simple to make. I made it a tight fit for the mattress they bought. This is the color of their bed I made them for their wedding. It was made in tiger maple as well. The dye is the same as on the curly cherry bar up on top.