Tuesday, January 14, 2014

January wood sale pictures and stuff.

Hello folks, hope you are having a slight bit better winter then we are. Lots of snow and bitter cold. Got ice all over the roads and driveway. Hate walking on that crap.

Anyway, got some pictures of some stuff and will send out the email to the folks that want it. if you want to be included on the wood emails I send, just let me know. Go to my web site,
www.bobkloes.com and click the email link. Send me a note saying you want to be put on the list for wood sales. That's all it takes.

Not much for pictures , but these are some of the piles of material I have.
 These 2 pictures are some stuff I set aside for box guys. There is an assortment of spalted birch, spalted maple, "karolien" maple, which usually comes from Sibera of all places. Plus some odd stuff I am not sure what to call it. Some are wide, some run 4" to 6" wide.
Here again is a picture of the stack of box stuff. 90$ for a  20 ft bundles. Plus shipping.

This is a picture of a pile of 4/4 birdseye. All rough. Mostly white 1 side, some heart on the other. Runs 4" to 8" wide. 90$ for a 20 ft bundle. Plus shipping.

This is a stack of 12/ 4 curly maple that has some color. Not the highest figure, but its nice, has reddish heart on some sides. I used this for bed post material for the bed I made for my wife. She loved it. Not sure how much shipping is on tall bed post stock, but I can see. You should get 2.5" to 2.75" square stock out this this material. I do have some with bark on if you want some odd pieces. I normally sell bed post stock for 12$ ft. This is going to sell  for half that, 6$ board foot.

This is a pile of 8/4 birdseye. All nice figure, some heartwood on the back side on some of this. It cut thick. Most is 2.25" and thicker. Normally 10$ board foot. This month only, 8$ board foot. Its very heavy and has some twist in it, but for leg stock or small tops, its great.
This is 4/4 hard curly maple. For 4" to 8" wide stock its 5$ ft. For wide stock 9" to 13" wide, it 9$ board foot. This is the hardest stuff to find. Much harder then even birdseye. This stock was all sanded to 15/16". The picture doesn't show it, but it has really nice figure. The wide stuff is excellent for music instruments. Just very hard to find.
This is a pile of wide [9" and wider ] birdseye, 4/4 stock. It starts at 7$ board foot and goes up. Its usually white one side. Due to how far in the tree you have to get for wide stock, its almost impossible to have it white on both sides. Then again, for all the furniture I have made, I am not sure if I ever cared if it was white on 2 sides. This is the top of the line wide , good figured birdseye. One thing I have always seen in the birdseye, is it tends to fade out towards 1 end. It doesn't do that in curly.
This is a pile of 8/4 soft curly maple. I have square edged stock and natural edged stock. It runs 100$ plus shipping for 20 ft packs. Nice for lots of stuff. Great figure and usually has some color on the back side. The natural edged stuff make really nice table tops when you rip 1 edge and glue pieces together.

This is the 4/4 soft curly maple. 75$ for 20 board feet, plus shipping. Nice figure, easy to work .
See the newsletter for some other things for sale.