Monday, December 9, 2013

December Wood Sale Info

I am trying something new. Hope you all like it. I am adding some pictures and descriptions of the wood I carry for sale. I hope this makes me add more of these, as I have been kind of lax. Sorry about that.
I am getting into the addition we started in the fall. Have one more garage door to go. Dang its cold out. It 15 below with the wind chill right now. Its about 20 in the addition, so its not bad. I am showing a couple log sets this time . I did not plane anything yet. If you are interested, I can do a board and show that to you on the blog or by email.

The first set is all hard curly or tiger maple, 1 " thick. They run 9" to 14" wide. A total of 46 board feet. There is some mineral stain on some of the boards. I am showing the front and back so you can see. The figure is very tight and pronounced. Great for guitars or furniture or other instruments. This came off an island in Michigan on a small lake. The birdseye is from the same island. 400$ plus shipping. I can cut to smaller lengths to save on shipping. I will also plane it to thickness if you want at no charge.

Next up is a set of birdseye maple boards. They all contain some mineral streaking. Both sides are shown. There is a total of 7 boards, all between 9" and 11" wide. 44 board feet. Very nice figure, but they do have color in them , mostly on the back sides.
350$ plus shipping. They can be planed at no charge and cut down to save on delivery cost.
Above is a pile of 4/4 birdseye maple, random widths, mostly white, but some contain some mineral streaks or a bit of heart.
90$ for 20 board feet, plus shipping
Above is some 8/4 soft curly or tiger maple. Some has some heart on the back side, but they all have excellent figure. 100$ for 20 board ft, plus shipping.

Here are a couple views of the addition. Lots of wood waiting to get in here and sorted out.  A couple other things, I have a small amount of 6/4 plain cherry. Very nice stock, wide, most is 10" plus.
5.75 board foot. I do have some 8/4 hard curly maple for the music guys. It starts at 7$ board foot and goes up for widths over 8" wide.
Perfect for the guitars and violins and banjos. Email me or feel free to call. 920-833-7157