Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Boxes, lots O' boxes

Doing a run of dovetailed candle boxes. I pull bits of boards aside over time and then just try and use them for small work. This is mostly maple with some flame beech ones also. I had too many and never did get any curly cherry or flame birch ones started. I have 25 going right now with a couple of new sized ones in the works. I get some real different maple at times. It doesn't fit any figure I have seen before. Its all hard maple, but I don't know what to even call the figure. I do have birdseye and curly tiger maple in this bunch, but also some other.
 this is some bark inclusion
 This stuff looks exactly like the bark on a white birch tree. Never saw anything like it.
 Another shot
 spalted hard maple

birdseye maple.

Hope to get these done in the next couple weeks. I am working on a bigger size for a jewelry box with a tray inside. Same sliding lid. Just wider. They will be dovetailed also. None of these have finish on yet. I will do another blog when I get these done. Some will be dyed, some clear finished. They do take a lot of work. I made these with Charles Neil and they are available in a dvd set. I was fatter then. If you see me in that dvd set, I am about 70# less now.
Thanks for reading.

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  1. 70 lbs lighter, think I found 40 of it, nice looking boxes,

    Charles Neil