Thursday, February 4, 2016

its winter, no global warming in site

Hi folks.
Yep its winter. Being a born and raised Wisconsinite[not sure if that is correct], I am used to snow and cold. So, I am not complaining about this winter. I think its been kind of mild. But my logging friends are not to happy. We had a very mild December and the snow and cold really never came. Then we got 12" of snow  and the ground never froze. Had some good cold temps after that, but the ground was covered and never froze. So, here it is, prime logging weather and its really hard to get into the woods.

Kind of like how anything can make gas prices rise, when loggers can't log, prices can rise. I have seen soft maple jump again. Its about the same as hard maple here. That is weird for us. Hard maple is always a premium product.

I have a full shop of wood. Got some really cool stuff.
Curly red oak, wide boards and super nice curl. I have some here now and hope to get more next month out of the kiln. A lot of this came from a veneer factory. They hate curl. I am not a huge red oak fan, but this is sweet stuff. I also have some really nice spalted maple and bark inclusion maple. Some has all kinds of unusual figure. I am showing a spoon I made out of a cut off end. It has spots like a spotted dog. The cutting board was done in 2 end cutoffs that were narrow and crappy. It sold for over 200$.

Let me know if you are looking for something special. I am sure I can help. Email or call, I am usually around.

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