Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A day for dyeing....

Today was the day I dyed the lower case of the tiger maple stepback cupboard I am working on. Got all the grain raising and sanding out of the way. Got the coat of oil on and then the 1st coat of sealer. It is looking really nice. This is some incredible tiger maple I am using.

Tomorrow will be sanding and cleaning and starting with the finish coats. The weather has been just wonderful. It was almost 80 today with low humidity. Sounds like this might last for almost another week. Sure makes time in the shop go fast with the doors open and the sun shining.

Thanks for looking in. Hope to have some stories of some of the folks I deal with coming . They are pretty interesting people, at least to me. Hope you all have a great week!


  1. Bob congratulations on your new adventure in woodworking look forward to reading and seeing your upcoming projects. Is that dyed with lockwood russet amber. That is some beautiful tiger maple.


  2. Hi Rob! That dye is called light golden brown walnut. It is very nice on tiger maple or flame birch.

  3. Hey Bob
    good to see you give this blog thing a try.
    That's one amazing piece your building.As all ways you have unbelievable figured wood.

  4. Very pretty. Your customer should be pleased. Amazing wood selection!!!!