Saturday, December 17, 2011

A note to woodworkers

I have gotten a number of emails about the lumber I use and sell. Just wanted to let you all know, I really appreciate the emails and business. If you are looking for figured domestic hardwoods, let me know. I carry a lot of things in curly cherry, flame birch , tiger maple and birdseye maple. You can email me at
info at
   Just replace the at with @.
I do send out newsletters with wood for sale listed. I also have lots of things on hand , like hard maple burls and some 1 of a kind pieces. Check out my web site and see what I build. I am always happy to answer questions or help get you the right lumber for your project.
 This is the stepback with the secret space under the lid and secret drawers
This is the ogee bracket foot off the stepback above

This is a tiger maple slab table I did with a good partner who does all the metal and stone work. Hope you enjoy. bob

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