Friday, June 27, 2014

June wood letter

Well , here it is the end of June and I am getting the first wood letter out in a bit. Got some nice new stock in and also have a new price sheet available.

First off, I have found a new , less expensive way to ship larger amounts of stock. Fastenal, the hardware place , have really great rates. I can ship from store to store all over the country.  just sent 2 pallet loads to West Virgina for around a dollar a foot. That was over 600 ft on 2 pallets. You have to pick up at the store it goes to. It may not be as fast as a regular trucking company, but way less in shipping costs.

AS for the pictures , here we go.
The top 2 are pics of the 6/4 and 8/4 plain cherry I just got out of the kiln. Super nice stock, great color.

 This next picture is the WIDE birdseye maple 9/4 stock I just got from the kiln. All over 10" wide and 10 feet long. Some almost 15" wide.

 Quarter sawn white in 1" thick stock. All from northern Wisconsin. 3" to 8" wide, Nice tight grain and excellent color. Have about a 1000'
 Finally, a couple slab tops that I did a few years back. Walnut and tiger maple. I have stock like this on hand. All priced individually.
I have a new load of stuff going in the kiln. Should be ready in 2 months. Lots of birdseye and flame birch, 6/4 stock, 9/4 basswood for carving. Best basswood stock in the world.

I do have 16/4 butternut stock now. Its beautiful. I have it up to 13" wide.
I will be making birdseye maple flooring in the next month. That should be spectacular.
Also, got a call from the mill. I have about a 1000 ft of quarter sawn curly red oak coming. It will not be ready for a few months, but should be spectacular.
If you see this and want a price list, email me at
bob at or call 920-833-7157. 

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