Thursday, September 18, 2014

September slabs and more good wood.

Hello folks. Its been a bit since I last did  a blog and pictures, and its woodworking time again. I have several nice new slabs to show and lots of new lumber. I will be getting more out of the kiln in October and I hope to show some exceptional tiger maple slabs.

For now , we have some cherry crotch, walnut crotch and curly cherry slabs and curly walnut board sets. Along with the usual tiger maple, flame birch, birdseye maple and other things. Now for the pictures.

The above are a walnut crotch and a cherry crotch. I planed them a bit and put some naphtha to show the grain.The size of these are about 38" long, 21" wide and about 2" thick. I will be getting some more out of the kiln soon, I hope. Not sure of the price on these yet as I have to see if they have matched pieces yet in the kiln. I am guessing they will start about 275$ each. They are really nice. 
I do have other slabs as well. Some curly cherry with some bug holes are this pair below.

They are about 60" long, 1.5 to 2" thick and have great figure. Then I have this pair of curved cherry ones as well.
Next is a pair of walnut bookmatched slabs with a crotch.These are longer and wider.
I also have a few pieces of wide curly walnut. This starts at 10$ board foot. Some has gone since I took the picture this morning.

I have other pieces available as well. A couple sets of huge mulberry slabs from an old church are really nice. Great edge grain as well as nice crotch figure in those. I also have lots of new birdseye maple, flame birch , curly cherry and tiger maple. The curly cherry is the only thing I have  in 4/4 stock. The rest is available in thicknesses up to 4" thick in some and 2" thick in others. I am getting a good supple of 5/4

stock in tiger maple and birdseye maple. Let me know what you might need. I also am selling "brown" tiger maple that has brown heartwood on one surface or maybe both faces. It runs 3.50 ft in 20 ft lots. I do have some 8/4 stock in that as well. That runs 4.75 ft.

I also have about 300 ft of wide butternut stock in 1" thicknesses. It runs from 10" wide to 13" . Its $5.75 ft.
I think that's it for this letter.

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